TIYA Amps Up Real-Time Interactivity With Key New Features

Time:May 09, 2022

May 9, 2022TIYA App, a global social networking platform, has unveiled a slew of new features. These new features, available through the latest app update, enrich TIYA users’ real-time online interactions.


Having been downloaded by nearly 20 million users by the end of 2021, TIYA aims to meet users’ social needs in diverse usage scenarios by continuously innovating easy-to-use online social networking tools and creating a real-time interactive social space.


Among TIYA’s new features, its modified group recommendation function uses in-house technology and AI to recommend suitable and relevant “groups” based on users’ interests, further customizing and optimizing the user experience. Groups already engaged in real-time chat are recommended first so that users can immediately join the group’s conversation – this brings together active users and increases group social engagement on TIYA.


TIYA continuously improves its interaction functions and invitation process for group spaces to create more user-friendly social products, help users more easily and efficiently make online connections, and grow active online communities.


In a recent app update, TIYA had unveiled a new innovative feature, dubbed the “real-time interactive group space,” on top of a redesign and optimization of its user interface. TIYA users can easily switch to the new real-time interactive group space with just one click, enabling group access to voice and text chat, image and screen-sharing, in-app YouTube video playback, and more multimedia functions – these combined features encourage real-time socializing with friends and contribute to a richer social experience.


Since its launch, TIYA has endeavored to enrich the online social experience for communities as well as help users foster lasting connections and more effective online interactions through diverse communication features. TIYA plans to continuously roll out more new features through app updates, such as new ways to interact online based on users’ interests, with the ultimate goal of satisfying users’ needs and becoming a global, leading real-time social platform for diverse communities.


About TIYA

Founded in 2019, TIYA is a social networking app for online communities backed by NASDAQ-listed company LIZHI INC. (NASDAQ:LIZI). Launched for the US market in 2020, the TIYA App provides dynamic, interactive experiences to connect friends and users globally. Featuring a ‘live’ social networking experience, the TIYA App encourages real-time relaxed and candid conversations expressed with the true emotions of the human voice.


Headquartered in Singapore, the team consists of individuals from all over the world including Singapore, the United States, China, and Japan who are united in their shared vision for TIYA.


For more information, please visit https://www.tiya.com or follow @tiyausa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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