Stay Connected Through Audio


TIYA App is a global audio-based social-networking platform,
which offers social-networking through quick user matching
and real-time online audio chats.

Users can connect with both friends and like minded people on the platform through innovative technology and utilizing AI technologies. 


Communication Technology

DOREME is an in-house audio technology solution, providing audio improvement technology and real-time communication (RTC) technology. The real-time communication (RTC) technology provided by DOREME empowers audio entertainment business and supports audio interaction features on TIYA’s products. It is designed to bolster the software infrastructure to allow high-quality audio data transmission in real time, providing users a stable and smooth audio experience.

Audio Technology

Through our industry-leading audio technology, we simplify the audio creation process for our users, and improve sound quality and effects, which ensure a consistently high-quality live streaming experience.
Our proprietary voice functions include 3D recording, noise reduction, and voice beautification and synthesis. Compared with traditional radio stations, the audio live streaming we developed is able to support real time multiple-users, interactions, while greatly reducing voice delay, making real-time interactions feasible between content creators and users.

AI Empowerment

TIYA is able to make use of AI technology to empower content distribution, recommendation, matching among many other functions, which provides personalized content discovery for our users. TIYA has achieved accurate matching within seconds using AI technology, enabling more users to match with others with similar interests in a short time, which means higher matching efficiency.